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Ezra Protocol - Fatty Liver Bible and Liver Cirrhosis Bible Review

If you have been suffering from fatty liver, then pay close attention to this website. With the Ezra Protocol, you are about to discover how you can change your life and become healthier.

What is the Ezra Protocol?

It's actually a set of reputable principles and methods used by Dr Jacob Ezra (who is a medical practitioner specialising in liver problems). The Ezra Protocol is backed up with plenty of years of research and other liver experts all around the world.

Debra Elkin (writer of the Fatty Liver Bible and Liver Cirrhosis Bible) had consulted him about her own fatty liver disease.

It is from then onwards that she realized it's a must to help others who have the same condition.

For people wanting to know alternative medicine treatment for liver problems, you have to know about the Fatty Liver Bible and Liver Cirrhosis Bible.

What's inside the Fatty Liver Bible?

fatty liver bible debra elkins

Simple story short, it's a humongous book which is 163 pages in length.

The Fatty Liver Bible contains the most comprehensive information on the subject of fatty liver.

Here's a brief overview of the chapters contained in the bible:

  • Introduction
  • Fatty liver basics
  • Getting involved in a clinical study
  • The alternatives
  • Emotional wellbeing - the 1st step to a slick body
  • The Ezra Protocol or "My Story"
  • Final thoughts

Note: Before consulting your doctor, it is highly recommended that you read this book first. You might gain much more solid (and perhaps life saving) information.

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