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Liver Cirrhosis Bible Review

Do you know about the Liver Cirrhosis Bible? If you have liver cirrhosis, then you should!

This is because liver cirrhosis actually mean your liver is scarred and is in a critical stage. In other words, liver cirrhosis is much more serious than fatty liver.

Here's the thing. Although fatty liver alone will not be enough to kill you, but liver cirrhosis itself can be fatal.

What's inside the Liver Cirrhosis Bible?

liver cirrhosis bible

In this 182 pages book, you will learn ALL about liver cirrhosis and this is what you can find in just 1 of the many chapters.

  • What is fatty liver, NAFLD and NASH?
  • The NAFLD progress
  • History of fatty liver disease
  • Who gets NAFLD and NASH?
  • How is obesity described?
  • Insulin resistance and NAFLD
  • Insulin resistance and NASH
  • Origins of inflammation and cell death in NASH
  • Can fat accumulate for differente reasons
  • Cirrhosis of the liver
  • Compensated vs non-compensated cirrhosis
  • Where is the problem?
  • Symptoms and signs of cirrhosis
  • Possible complications of cirrhosis
  • Possible causes of liver cirrhosis
  • Conventional treatment options (this section alone educates you so much more than seeing a doctor)

And you will also discover all about the Ezra Protocol and how it works to treat your liver cirrhosis condition.

Most importantly, you will also know how to take a more careful approach as compared to when you just have fatty liver, especially regarding supplementations.

Faced with a life threatening disease, you should gather all the information you need to fight liver cirrhosis.

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